“The Happiest Place on Earth”



Escape to Rincon


Rincon…  A world class surf destination with gorgeous beaches, stunning sunsets and good energy.

The community is mostly a mix of locals, tourists from abroad and San Juaneros”- residents of San Juan escaping the city hustle and bustle… like me!

I come here often, particularly when I need to reflect and recharge my internal batteries. I love the combination of the “campo” (country side) with the ocean.

A bull on his way to meet his cow…image 

image The cow wondering…

“What’s so interesting that this woman has pulled up on the side on the road to take a picture? ¡Qué turista!”



Check out the  “selfie” in the side mirror of my  Prius.

A glimpse of the beach on another  beautiful afternoon.A Glimpse of the Beach